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President's Message  

Revitalize Our Original Aspiration and Mission to Rejuvenate Ninhua Group

Ninhua Group Co., Ltd. has witnessed its thirty-odd years’ twists and turns of development in the high waves of reform and opening-up, growing into a large group company from a small-sized foreign trade firm. Now it is staffed with over a thousand managers and workers, and deals in research, industries and trade operations. The company has devoted its hard, soft and smart power to having established its position in the areas of international business.

In the past 30 years, we have been adhering to deepening reform to release internal vitality and vigor, to perfecting governance to coordinate the reciprocal progress of operation and management, and to innovating expansion to cultivate new growth dynamism for transformation and escalation. The company’s trios of pharmaceutical, agrochemical and refrigerant industries have developed side by side, and its emergence of agglomerated businesses is growing in the ascendant.     

At the historical turning point of the next three decades, we will have to shoulder the vital responsibility and arduous task for the new chapters of Ninhua Group. The whole company will have to face the challenges of sustainable, high quality and efficient development in the complex era of new situations, new environments and new issues.

For those purposes, we must keep to our original aspiration and mission to embark on the new march; we must uphold the company’s conception of being a corporate of integrity, cooperation and learning, and performing conscientiously, innovatively and excellently; we must carry out the differentiating strategies in line with marketing principles and commercial traits to elevate our core competitiveness; and we must precisely judge the change of markets with scholars’ intelligence and with great passions to carry on a second enterprise in the next 30 years, 60 years, and even 100 years onwards.

Time and tide wait for no one, and we should make the best of every day and night. Today, we are in a position to open fresh frontiers for enterprising upon the completion of the third structural reform.

The past has only meant a prelude to our undertakings. Now, we will start a new page of history. We will confront the potential challenges and embrace the prospective opportunities. For that, we will have to set our goals and build up our capabilities to avoid possible distractions and risks. We will have to innovate our ways to the future development and take our own initiative to step towards our magnificent target of being a company to customers’ content, shareholders’ trust, staff’s love and social respect. And we will have to work together with stakeholders, clients, staff and counterparts to create another wonder of Ninhua Group.

George Shan, Chairman of the Board 

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