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A Little Bit About Me

The girl with way too many dreams.

Pamela Novranska

Currently Associate Product Manager
at Bukalapak

Hi, you!

Glad you come across my personal website :)

I'm a computer science graduate currently working in one of the biggest e-commerce in Indonesia. I am responsible in making sure that products happen and it's such a challenging yet fun work!

I enjoy a lot of things in life, some of them are playing music (especially piano), watching movies and TV series, hanging out with people, finding out how things work, traveling, eating good food, and basically all the things that enrich me as a person.

I'm also always open to any opportunity the universe might offer. If you feel that I am someone you want to work with, do contact me through my personal mail. Smooch!

Life Milestones

Some important steps that I took in life.


Started highschool at SMA Negeri 21 Jakarta.

Started taking English course at Wall Street English.

Bachelor's Degree

Started pursuing my bachelor's degree in Information System at Faculty Of Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia.

Joined university's student board, Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa Universitas Indonesia, as a staff of Art and Culture Department. Was reponsible as a finance manager for department's magazine and appointed to be PIC of exhibition on a campus event called UInnovation Festival.

Volunteered at Java Jazz Festival 2013, one of the biggest jazz festivals in the world. Was appointed to be international liaison officer for international artists.

Was chosen as a sponsorship staff for faculty's biggest event: CompFest. Received a training in how to do a proper call offering various sponsorship packages to companies. Also took care of sponsor's needs during the event.


PIC of Event for the faculty graduation ceremony. I was reponsible mainly in composing the programs and MC's scripts. Led a few staffs.

Volunteered at Java Rockin' Land 2013 as the hotel front desk, providing necessary informations for the international artists.

Vice PIC of Entertainment for faculty's biggest event: CompFest.. Responsibilities include in hiring and taking care of MCs and basically things related to the main stage.

Chosen to be the head of Art and Culture Department at university's student board, Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa Universitas Indonesia. Initiated the first campus event involving most of the many local communities in campus, called UI Ethnovaganza. Now the event is being held annually and gets bigger every year. Was also the steering committee for the biggest art competition in campus involving every faculty, UI Art War. Interviewed and led 12 staffs.

Was appointed to be the project manager for a part of mandatory course (Information System Development Project) from campus. Developed SICuT(Sistem Informasi Customer Tracking) Ruangguru, an internal system used by sales in ruangguru.com to track user's statuses. Led 3 other persons whose roles varied from system analyst, database designer, UI designer, etc. Used CodeIgniter framework, PHP, Bootstrap, Javascript, CSS, etc. Gathered and analyzed the requirement from the company's co-founder. Also coded more than 50% of the system.

Interned at PT ANTAM (Persero) Tbk. Developed a web-based system called PESAN (Pendataan Aset Antam). Roles included being the system analyst and the documenter. Developed the system with ASP.NET and a customized framework locally used in the company. Was also appointed to be the secretary for CIS (Community of Internship Students) in July 2015.


Teaching assistant for IT Project Management course at the faculty. Created study cases, graded assignments, supervised exams.

Started a full-time job as associate product manager at one of the biggest e-commerce in the country, Bukalapak. Some of the responsibilities include transforming user stories into technical requirements to be executed by engineers, assisting product manager to reach squad's KPI targets, leading team consisting of engineers, QA Engineer/Tester, UI/UX and data scientist especially when the product manager is not available, documenting product requirements, as well as identifying current and future product improvements/opportunities.